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Daniel Wang is an experienced music teacher - whether in a classroom or a one-on-one setting. Daniel obtained his Bachelor's in Music at the Queensland Conservatorium, majoring in piano. He has then completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Education at the University of Queensland. Daniel has spent the past two years as the Head of Music at one of the most prestigious prep schools in London. Now that he's returned to Brisbane, he is ready to create a fun, supportive and enjoyable environment for students at Welco Music Academy.

Daniel teaches piano and woodwind instruments. His teachings explain and demonstrate the theories behind various genres, such as Classical and Jazz.

As a teacher, Daniel is determined to not only teach his students the technical aspects of the instrument but also to shape them into an all rounded musician.


Co - Director / Content Manager

Rita looks after the content creation, communications and relationship management between clients.  Being the first port-of-call for Welco Music, she works closely with students, parents and our teachers. Coming from a family with a heavy music influence, Rita has extensive skills and knowledge in music. 

Daniel and Rita started Welco Music Academy with a shared vision to bring joy and to foster passion for young music talents. 


Flute and Piano Teacher

Toni began learning the piano at age 7 and flute at age 10. Since then, she has founded her lifelong passion and continued on her musical journey at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. She has studied under many accomplished musicians internationally and through them have come to form her own teaching methods over the years. She believes music is about expressing ones individuality and being equipped with solid fundamentals to achieve that. She loves to teach kids and create a fun learning environment while also learning a lot of things! 


Guitar Teacher

Abel graduated from The University of Queensland with a  Bachelor of Arts - Extended Major in Music. He is currently completing the final year of his post-graduate degree at the Queensland University of Technology. He began playing the guitar at 11-years-old. He plays both electric and acoustic guitar, with particular interests in rock, pop, blues, punk and contemporary music styles. His interest in music was heavily influenced by his father, a fellow musician, who encouraged him to start his musical journey in the form of guitar lessons in his early teenage years. This has since grown into a passion, of not just playing music, but of teaching music too. This has influenced Abel's tertiary education and shaped his career goals to become a music teacher and inspire other young musicians.

Nhu Nguyen

Piano Teacher

Nhu Nguyen specialises in learning development with the piano instrument. She has a passion for education and music creativity with more than 5 years of teaching experience. She has had the pleasure of tutoring a large variety of students, each with different personalities, goals and passions. Nhu understands that each individual has different objectives when it comes to learning music, and she tailors her lessons specifically for them.

Nhu endorses the importance of music knowledge as a language and highly encourages her students to understand music theory alongside their instrument. In 2020 she will graduate from the Queensland Conservatorium with a Bachelor of Music degree. In the future, she looks forwards to understanding more about the voice as an instrument.

An-Yu Chen

Academic Enhancement Teacher

A graduate of The University of Queensland with a dual degree in Commerce and Business Management, Anyu is an aspiring educator in Mathematics and English. He is passionate about teaching students to establish strong academic foundations and develop critical skills in learning. Above all, Anyu is determined to teach his students the joy of learning and to foster an environment of encouragement and support for individuals who strive for academic success. Anyu emphasises the importance of learning at one’s own pace and style and designs his classes to facilitate each student’s confidence in academia. He is focused on relevant curriculum and digital learning aids which are the most familiar to the students of today.


Violin Teacher

Sunny completed her undergraduate studies with First Class Honours at the Queensland Conservatorium and completed her Master of Music at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she was awarded the Julian Olevsky Memorial Award in Viola. 

As an active chamber and orchestral performer, Sunny has performed in many well-established venues throughout Australia, Taiwan and USA. In addition to her performing career, Sunny is also very passionate about music pedagogy. She strongly believes in the idea that each and every child is born with potential, and by providing a positive learning environment with strong bonds between the teacher, student and parents, the students will be able to fully unlock their potential. 

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