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To Play for Passion

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Our Story

Established in 2018, Welco Music Academy is a music tuition school that specialises in instrumental music lessons based within West End State School.


We have built an experienced and knowledgeable team with a diverse repertoire to cater for students wishing to learn. At Welco, the combination of music theory and practical performance is utilized with a strong focus on each individual student's unique musical journey. We pride ourselves in helping students achieve their goals, whether it is to perform at a concert, curriculum learning or simply for the joy of learning for leisure.


Within the Academy, we place communication at the forefront of our focus, not only between teachers and students but also our beloved parents. Fostering a strong flow of communication between all parties involved will enable a better connection leading to precise feedback and optimal results enhancing the student’s journey.


Our ultimate goal is to ensure students are realising their full potential in music and assisting them in reaching their goals. With our diverse group of teachers complemented by the friendly management team, we will be able to spark our students’ passion for music and beyond. 

Meet The Team


Daniel Wang

Founder / Director /  

Senior Teacher

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Rita Wang

Managing Director / Co-Founder


Michelle Yeh

General Manager


Sunny Yeh

Head of Teachers

Nyssa Corney.jpg

Nyssa Corney

Violin Teacher

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Abel Stahlut

Guitar/ Ukulele Teacher

Jessica Dai.jpg

Jessica Dai

Piano Teacher

Mitch Patullo.jpg

Mitchell Patullo

Piano Teacher


"Greatly convenient on school site. Very good team of teachers. They manage to motivate the children so much they get super enthusiastic about their classes. They are very nice to the children. I also love how they adapt their classes to each children needs, goals. And they always take time to give advises to parents too. Definitely recommending Welco music academy!"

- Ketty Sancier-Tarre